A one-stop deal

A one-stop deal

Your challenges are not foreign to us:


  • We must reduce our travel expenses.
  • We want to improve the cooperation between project teams.
  • Our growth calls for more effective communication and collaboration.
  • We have outdated isolated solutions – from video conference to chat, the maintenance efforts increase year by year.
  • Our video conference systems are obsolete, cumbersome to use and are not widely accepted by the employees.
  • We need to be innovative – our employees expect state-of-the-art solutions.
  • We do not have a single IT platform for video and communication – new UCC solutions are difficult to integrate.
  • Yes, we want to go with or switch to UCC – but how à On-Premise, On-Demand, Hybrid? And with which solution?

Don`t worry, we accompany you to solve these and many other questions. With many solution geared services: from the analysis/consulting to the conception and implementation up to extensive services. And with a lot of solutions for communication and collaboration: from On-Premise, Hybrid to Cloud solutions, with well-known vendors like Microsoft, Cisco or Polycom. Decide for yourself at which point of your endeavor you are going to get on board with us. Our recommendation? Providing the most steadfast foundation for a customized individual solution is a sound consultation.


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e-mail us to info@mvc.de
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